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“A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.”  

Sydney Smith

Image: Elise

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How a computer program can sharpen an old photo

I’m doing genealogy on the site MyHeritage, which has the option of refining old photos. The technology is amazing, that people’s eyes can be seen more precisely from an old photograph. Old photos can also be colored with that program, but it sometimes gives variegated results. A third option is to animate faces, which is fun in itself, but may not match the facial expressions of a real person. Here is a picture of the captain and the daughter, whose picture I refined with the program. This captain sailed in a big sailing ship in the 19th century. He was widowed when his daughter was small.

Teen sukututkimusta sivustolla MyHeritage, jossa on mahdollisuus tarkentaa vanhoja valokuvia. Teknologia on ihmeellistä, että napin painalluksella vanhan valokuvan henkilöiden silmätkin tarkentuvat tarkoiksi. Vanhoja valokuvia voi myös värittää sillä ohjelmalla, mutta se antaa aika kirjavia tuloksia. Kolmas mahdollisuus on animoida kasvokuvia, joka on hauskaa, mutta ei ehkä vastaa henkilön oikeita luonnollisia ilmeitä. Tässä on kuva kapteenista ja tyttärestä, joiden kuvan uudistin ohjelmalla. Tämä kapteeni seilasi isossa purjelaivassa 1800-luvulla. Hän jäi leskeksi kun hänen tyttärensä oli pieni.


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How food is delivered to your home ?

I’m curious to know, how food is delivered to your home in other countries ? I mean basic food ingredients, detergents and other household items. Here in Finland, we choose the food from the online store, choose the delivery date and enter the (bank card) number. Purchases are then charged when the food has been collected in boxes in the store, which means you can place an order a couple of days in advance. A couple of hours before the delivery, the food supplier sends a text message to the customer and we can follow through the link on the map where the delivery truck is coming. The driver carries the food boxes to the door of the apartment. This saves time and travel costs to the store if you order a larger quantity at once. The price of transportation here is around 10 – 15 euros. I have been using this transport service for about 2 years and I plan to continue using it.

Food boxes – this is not an advertisement * Ruokalaatikoita – tämä ei ole mainos

Jos asut Suomessa, käytätkö ruoan verkkokauppoja ?

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A natural park in a modern residential area

Vuores, Tampere, Finland

The central park of the Vuores residential area has benches, a storm water pool and a natural meadow in the middle. Some summers the meadow has been full of wildflowers, this summer there were fewer of them. The meadow is intentionally natural. The ducks have a good time there and local residents go there to enjoy the summer days.

There is a footpath behind the park.

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A river in you

Storm water pool in Vuores, Tampere, July 2022

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


“All water is holy water.”

Rajiv Joseph

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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Guardian Angel

The railings of this bridge have moving lights during the winter. The name of the bridge is Guardian Angel and the lights were designed by an artist.

Summer in Finland is beautiful, but short. Many people think that autumn starts when schools start in mid-August. For me, summer is as long as the leaves are on the trees. When I was a child, school summer vacations lasted until the end of August.

Sunrise today 04:51, Sunset today 22:14 (10:14 pm)

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Rain – Tampere, Finland

“Sunshine is delicious,

rain is refreshing,

wind braces us up,

snow is exhilarating;

there is really no such thing as bad weather,

only different kinds of good weather.”

John Ruskin

“I’ve always found the rain very calming”.

Venus Williams

“I love the rain. It’s my favorite weather”

Kristen Wiig

“Without rain, there is no life.”

Jerry Yang

Sivun alapalkissa on Google kääntäjä, jos sitä tarvitsee. Kuva: oma

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“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 

Pablo Neruda

“Voit leikata kaikki kukat mutta et voi estää kevään saapumista.”

Pablo Neruda

Photo : Pexels

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Miniature prayer

This historical lady belongs to a miniature family and they live in a dollhouse that I decorate from time to time. Her husband is a captain and they have three children. The dollhouse is my granddaughter’s old one and will be returned to her sometime later when the interior is finished. Miniature Dollhouses in the ratio 1:12 are not children’s toys, but collectors’ hobbies.

Tämä historiallinen rouva kuuluu miniatyyriperheeseen ja he elävät nukketalossa, jota sisustan silloin tällöin. Hänen miehensä on kapteeni ja heillä on kolme lasta. Nukketalo on lapsenlapseni vanha ja palautuu hänelle takaisin jossain vaiheessa myöhemmin, kun sisustus on valmis. Miniatyyritalot suhteessa 1:12 eivät ole lasten leluja, vaan keräilijöiden harrastuksia.